†† My first camera was a Kodak 110, I was eleven years old, my godmother had given it to me as a Christmas gift. This gift sparked an interest. It wasnít long after my love affair with photography truly started.At thirteen years old I discovered my fatherís Brownie. What a delight this camera was. The format was so much larger! And to my surprise when I discovered black and white film my images blossomed.

The brownie had a light leak that was patched with black tape. The tape also held the camera together but the pictures I took with that camera shaped how I looked at light today.

Thus began a journey that has not ceased.


†† My career in photography began with Oakland Community College where I received a degree in Applied Science, photography and video option. I went to work with Kmart World Head Quarters starting as a TP6 operator. This process is no longer used anywhere!I worked my way into the studio as an assistant and learned practical photography. The experiences I had at Kmart helped shape the skills I use today.

After a few years I was named senior photographer where I photographed everything from pickles in a jar to elaborate fashion assignments. After 15 years with Kmart I started my career as a Freelance photographer and have been working at this endeavor ever since.

There is such joy in freelance photography. I feel there is no limit to where I may go.


†† My Images have been seen in: People Magazine, TV Guide, Field and Stream, Seventeen Magazine, Corp! Magazine, The Detroit News, Freepress, Oakland Press, LA Times and USA Today. Just to name a few. I have also had images on many of the Detroit area billboards.


†† I take great pride in my images many have won awards for the people and advertising pieces they were a part of. I keep up to date on new technology and current on whatís hot in todayís industry.

I look forward to working for you!





I have been a very fortunate person.I get to do

What I love for a living. How great is that!